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For decades, scientists have predicted that one day, genomic studies would transform drug development and patient care. Now is a pivotal time in genomics research where we can start to harness the power of the genome - through the technological advances of next generation sequencing and bioinformatics - to develop novel, targeted medicines. Read more on how more then 2 million patients in AZ clinical trials will contribute to this ambitious project in partnership with the academic community.


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Rudy Hovelinck

Diagnostics Manager AstraZeneca

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Rudy Hovelinck obtained a scientific degree first in biochemistry at Ghent University and later in Molecular Biology at the ULB. Initially exploring the academic world in diverse fields as genetics, protein chemistry and virology, he soon realised that bridging scientific knowledge to the medical world was a more meaningful way of spending his professional life. This journey started in the field of pathology biomarker testing, introducing HER2 IHC and ISH testing for patient therapy selection and continued in the field of molecular oncology. Today at AstraZeneca he works as a diagnostics manager. In this role he is passionately contributing to the successful introduction of novel biomarkers and support current testing strategies for patient selection. In his own time he enjoys travelling with his family exploring the world and spending time close to nature. Specialties: Oncology, Anatomic Pathology, Biomarker Development, Medical Devices.